Toddler Fees

Services available at our Oxford SACC facility and The Learning Tree (East Street, Norway)

Fees are paid according to a contract agreement, based on:

  • $130.00 Full Time - 5 days
  • $  84.00 Part Time - 3 days
  • $  60.00 Part Time - 2 days

** There are set days that you contract for and they can not be swapped for a different day.


Activity Fee

Summer Activity Fee (July 1st):

  • $15.00 per child
  • $25.00 per family

Fall Activity Fee (Sept 1st):

  • $15.00 per child
  • $25.00 per family

Oxford SACC works with the following state agencies:

Transitional Child Care
Child Care Subsidy Program


Toddler Program
18 months to 3 years old

Our Philosophy

Our Toddler Learning Approach

Our approach is based upon the philosophy that children learn by doing - through exploration, play, and active participation with their environment..         

All areas of early learning are supported through a balance of teacher and child directed activities. These activities are adjusted to the developmental level of each child, enhancing his/her:

  • Social & emotional
  • Intellectual development
  • Communication
  • Self-help & independence

These are accomplished through coordination and climbing, to self-feeding, toileting and simple dressing tasks.

Age-appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning are planned and implemented to meet each child’s needs.

Along with families, early care providers play a vital role in a child's early years. Our teachers collaborate with families continuously to ensure we meet the needs of each family.  We provide regular teacher-family communication, including daily reports,  classroom newsletters & scheduled family conferences.

Our highly trained, well experienced teachers are dedicated to creating nurturing relationships with all families to promote optimal development of young children.

Our Toddler Program

Children learn best by having a variety of choices in a safe, organized, nurturing environment.

Our classroom environment is designed for exploration, excitement and exercise. 

Structured, yet flexible daily routines and transitions are established providing consistency which helps toddlers feel safe, confident, and in control of their world.

Our curriculum will focus on

Language development
The concept of sharing
Fine and gross motor skills
Music & art
Dramatic play
Block play
Sensory development