Preschool Fees

Fees are paid according to a contract agreement, based on:

Oxford SACC Facility ONLY

  • $3.00 per hour for the 1st child **
  • A maximum of $120.00 per week for the 1st child
  • $2.70 per hour for each additional child in the family
  • A Maximum of $108.00 for each additional preschooler in the family

** There is also a minimum charge of 5 hours per week per child to be on contract and receive the contract rate.

Childcare provided on a "drop in" (non contracted) basis will be figured at: $3.70 per hour, per child, with no maximum cap

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The Learning Tree Facility ONLY (1 East Street location)

  • $120.00 Full time (4+ days)
  • $78.00 3 days
  • $55.00 2 days

activity Fee

Summer Activity Fee (July 1st):

  • $15.00 per child
  • $25.00 per family

Fall Activity Fee (Sept 1st):

  • $15.00 per child
  • $25.00 per family

Oxford SACC works with the following state agencies:

Transitional Child Care
Child Care Subsidy Program


Preschool Program
Ages 3 to 5 years old

Our Philosophy

The Oxford SACC Preschool Program operates with a philosophy of service to children, par-ents and community.

For children, the program offers a safe, supportive environment that encourages creativity and positive self-esteem. This is accomplished through wholesome and fun activities, including age appropriate educational activities, creative play and nutritious snacks.

For parents, the program offers affordable childcare with dependable scheduling and flexible enrollment policies.

For the community, the program provides support for families of local business, social services, and school. The program receives direction from a diverse local Community Board.

Our Students, Your Success

Children are encouraged to try many different types of activities. Some of the activities we offer are:
INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Organized Free Play, Dramatic Play, Circle Time, Creative Arts Projects, Cooking, Science / Social Studies Activities
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Playground Activities, Nature Walks, Gardening
SPECIAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS: Field Trips, Special Guest Visitors, Dragon Rider Reader


Our Mission

It is the mission of the Oxford School Age Child Care & Preschool Program to provide quality childcare in a safe environment for families and children enrolled. Through activities, we will involve, challenge, intrigue and assist children in ways that enhance their character and develop their minds and bodies.