Norway Before & After School Program Fees

Fees are paid according to a contract agreement, based on:

  • Full Time (AM & PM) - $70.00 per child**
  • Part Time AM ONLY (5 days) $25.00 per child** (or $5.00 per day)
  • Part Time PM ONLY (5 days) $50.00 per child ** (or $10.00 per day)

Planned or Unplanned days off during the school year

  • Full days - $30.00 per child less contracted rate
  • Early Release days - $20.00 per child less contracted rate

Drop In

  • Full day - $30.00 per child (8 hours)
  • Half day - $15.00 per child (4 hours)

24 Hour notice is required to schedule drop in hours to plan staffing accordingly. ClubRowe reserves the right to charge for hours signed up for, but not
attended, as “drop-in”, if we are not notified of the cancellation 24 hours in advance.

Activity Fees

Summer Activity Fee (July 1st):

$15.00 per child
$25.00 per family

Fall Activity Fee (Sept 1st):

$15.00 per child
$25.00 per family

Oxford SACC works with the following state agencies:

  • Aspire
  • Transitional Child Care
  • Child Care Subsidy Program
    (Formerly The Voucher Program)

Before & After School
Ages Pre-K to 6th Grade


The Oxford SACC Board of Directors is pleased to announce a very exciting expansion. After careful consideration and research, beginning on June 1, 2014, Oxford SACC will be the new owners of the ClubRowe Before & After School Program located at the Guy E. Rowe School in Norway.

We are thrilled that the current staff at ClubRowe has agreed to stay on and become our employees.

Louisa Westleigh - Site Coordinator

Chris Colello - Direct Care Staff Member

Chelsea Marshall - Direct Care Staff Member

Danielle Dillingham - Direct Care Sub/Oxford SACC Employee

We are confident that this merger will allow both programs to continue providing safe, quality care and enrichment opportunities for years to come. We will be working on projects together throughout the year to enhance both locations.

We would like to welcome four of the ClubRowe board members to our board of directors.

Angela Laliberte

Heather Manchester

Darci Hamm

Jennifer Raudonis

If anyone has any questions about the merger, you can contact Tracey Cox or Jen Szantyr at 539-2406.

Our Students, Your Success

Children are encouraged to try many different types of activities.
INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Board Games, Card Games,  Pool Tables, Library area, Crafts, Cooking, Spanish Club
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Sliding, Water Games, Kickball, Nature Walks, Gardening
SPECIAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS: Supervised Homework Time, Dragon Rider Readers, Science Club, Adventure Club,


Our Mission

It is the mission of this Organization to provide quality childcare in a safe environment for families and children enrolled. Through activities, we will involve, challenge, intrigue and assist children in ways that enhance their character and develop their minds and bodies.