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Oxford SACC Facility - State Licensed for 93 children
ClubRowe Facility (Norway) - State LIcensed for 78 children
The Learning Tree Facility (Norway)- State Licensed for 40 children
The Learning Tree Infant Center (Norway) - State Licensed for 12 children

Maine Quality Rating System; Step 1

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When & Why

We’ll take care of your kids!

SACC was founded in June 1997, because research showed that many elementary school aged children with working parents, return home daily to an empty house. Due to the fact there was not enough child care facilities available for them or the cost was too high.

SACC provides a quality, affordable alternative for the family. Research also has shown that young children who go home alone are often withdrawn and fearful. They sometimes show signs of low self-esteem and have difficulty concentrating in school.

Our Philosophy

The Oxford School Age Child Care programs operates with a philosophy of service to children (AGES 6 weeks to 12), parents and community.

Our Mission

It is the mission of this Organization to provide quality child care in a safe environment for families and children enrolled. Through activities, we involve, challenge, intrigue and assist children in ways that enhance their character and develop their minds and bodies.

Our Organization

Oxford SACC is a multi centered, non-profit, 501(c)(3) registered in the State of Maine. Our Oxford facility has been open since June 1997, our ClubRowe facility was opened in June 2014 and our The Learning Tree facilities were opened in May of 2015.  We service children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, living in the Oxford Hills and surrounding areas.

We governed by a Community Board of Directors, who meets monthly to review financial statements and ensure the organization is meeting the needs and goals set for the programs. (For more information about our board, click here)